Exporting wooden packaging: use ISPM15

Many clients ask us what demands are made exactly for the export of wooden packaging. They have often heard of a treatment that is required, but the details are less known. Which is logical, as pallets are often used only once and the products loaded onto the pallet are not subject to certain demands.

To clarify things a little concerning the rules of ISPM 15, which apply to the export of wooden packaging, the Stichting Markering Houten Verpakkingen (SMHV, Marking of Wooden Packaging Association), has made an animation explaining what the rules are that users of pallets can observe when they need or receive certified pallets.

PKF itself is also certified by the SMHV for treating wood and pallets under registration number 004 and 005. For more Information, you can also look at www.smhv.nl.