The certainty of quality with PKF


Quality in a product is not what PKF puts into it, it is what our clients take out of It

Quality is a natural thing for PKF, which does not mean that this happens by itself. For this reason, we do all we can on a daily basis to ensure quality, not only for ourselves and our products, but also for our clients. By using careful procedures for quality control, we become a little better each day.
In addition, we use the following methods:
• Moisture measurement: the less moisture, the more quality.
• Nail detection: to detect protruding nails and remove them.
• Pressure testers: to be able to guarantee pallet strength.
• Brush machines: to remove excess sawdust.


Control is a high priority for PKF

PKF's quality is confirmed by a number of important trade certificates, for which PKF is successfully audited regularly.
• ISO-9001: the accepted quality standard, used for all organisations that want to show that they are able to meet the demands of customers, laws and regulations and the demands of their own organisation.
• PEFC: the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, the largest quality mark worldwide for wood and paper. Every five years the national standards are revised and tested anew. This way, they are continuously improved; in this regard PEFC is unique.
• ISPM 15: to guarantee that living bugs do not spread via wooden packaging, this must be treated in accordance with the rules of ISPM 15.



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